EHH Little League Minors - 2013 State Champs Team in Action


Little League - Rules of Play

EHH participates in the Swan Hills Charter of the Little League Competition with two sets of rules applying to the game:


Key Points of Swan Hills By-laws....

The main points to be aware of on game day are:

  1. Maximum of 30 pitches (Exhibition Games), but can finish the batter.
  2. If a Pitcher pitches more that the maximum allowed pitches, they can continue to pitch to a maximum of 50 pitches, but cannot pitch in the next week’s game.
  3. A Pitcher that finishes an innings on 25 or more pitches cannot return to the mound in the next defensive innings.
  4. Once a pitches is removed from the mound they cannot return to the mound for the rest of the game.
  5. Once a Pitcher has pitched one or more balls, then cannot be placed in the Catcher position for the remainder of the game.
  6. A player cannot be place in the Catcher position for more than 2 defensive innings.


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