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EHH Teeball Bylaws and Ground Rules

De-mistifying the Rules

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This weeks information is is focussed on teeball and when is TIME called?....

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When is "Time" Called?

This is probably the most contentious rule in our game.  There is no black and white in the rule as there are two elements you require before “Time” can be called and are relevant to each individual game.

The two elements are:

  • Held by any player in an infield position – means securely in the possession of the player, within the area occupied by players other than the orthodox left, centre and right field.  (It doesn’t mean inside the diamond).  The distance out from the infield varies with age groups for instance an U7s outfield is much closer that and U11s outfield, you need to keep it relevant to where the infielders are fielding.
  • Approximately in contact with a base – means at the base, a few steps short of the base, or a few steps past the base.  Once again keep this relevant to the size of the players, for instance an U7s have a smaller step size than U11s.  Run downs and pick-offs can, and do, still occur when this rule is correctly applied because ALL RUNNERS must be approximately in contact with a base. 

Correct interpretations of the “TIME” call speeds the game and creates less confusion.  The game generally only lasts an hour.  “TIME” calls at the correct moment will keep the game flowing, and make the hour more fulfilling for all, compared with the stand-offs which can sometimes result from slow calls.  The most prevalent question asked at umpire clinics when discussing this rule is, “when a runner is half way up the line and time is called where do I send them forward or back?”  The simple answer is YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE CALLED TIME as half way up the line is certainly not in close proximity to a base.

Contact EHH Chief Coach for further information on training drills to assist players to stop throwing the bat.