Coaching Resources

Developing your coaching skills is a rewarding experience as you learn to engage the children and structure activities which improve their skills and their approach to the team, as one parent coach recently commented:

"The best thing for me was seeing the boys take control and yell instructions to one another on the field.  Seeing them congratulate each other and console each other when someone missed a catch or got out.  That being part of a team means working together and sometimes sacrificing yourself for the team when batting could get  someone home for an extra run."

See the additional resources listed below to improve your coaching:

Australian Sports Commission - Coaches

A site developed to support children participation in sporting activities and has some really good information on:


Some books for coaches available in Australia:

The Baffled Parents Guide to Coaching Tee ball - Bing Broido - available through Dymocks

"it is great to see a book on teeball that covers all aspects of the game and how to run a team"

The Little League Guide to Tee Ball - Ned McIntosh & Rich Cropper

Covers all the bases for parents as well as coaches.  The authors show you how to keep the game fun for the kids while you teach them baseball fundamentals.

Little League Baseball Guide to Correcting the 25 Most Common Mistakes - John Monteleone - Available through Dymocks

Filled with fun and easy-to-follow instructions and advice on teaching the fundamentals of baseball.