What is Teeball?

The Teeball philosophy:





The four "F"s of teeball are an important element of teaching children and should be foremost in the mind of the coach.  Coaches should not be out there just to win at all costs but should provide positive encouragement and feedback to the players.


Objectives of Teeball

Main Objectives

  • To introduce children to a diamond based team sport environment where enjoyment and success can be achieved by simple participation
  • To encourage and promote good health through exercise
  • To promote and encourage good sportmanship

Parent Involvement

The game is for all to enjoy and have fun in participating.  Parents should become involved by coaching, scoring, umpiring, managing or being an equipment coordinator for a team or club.  By being involved we ensure the children play team sport in a health family participation environment.

Player Safety

Umpires, coaches and all game officials have a duty of care to the safety and welfare of all players in games in which they are officiating.

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Coaching Tips

Top 10 Things to Remember when Coaching

  • All players and coaches should have FUN!
  • Be organised
  • Have a plan
  • Be flexible enough to change plan when it is not working
  • Enlist the help of other parents (you don't have to do it alone!)
  • Remember to praise individual and team efforts
  • Keep the players and action moving
  • Break down concepts / drills into small managable portions
  • Keep your sense of HUMOUR
  • Keep your sanity!  ITS ONLY A GAME!


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